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I take photos, some good, some better. but the truth is that for every good photo there are dozens of bad ones. When we worked with film, each shot was more carefully executed because of the cost involved in realizing the photo. Cost in time and effort and money. Today, with digital equipment, each photo costs next to nothing, and each edit is a low-cost effort. This allows one to take many pictures and pick the best one, and edit, edit, edit till there is a presentable image.

This does not diminish the beauty or the eye of the creator, it just reduces the cost involved.

So, here I will present a few of my images, some are personal to me, that is to say, they are relevant to my life, and others are, in my opinion, beautiful images.

If there is a particular one you like and would appreciate an 8×10 or 16×20 or whatever, check here ( or, if you want something other, let me know.

Who Am I?

But first, pictures of me. Who are we? Is there a single “me”? I and not one, I am many, I am an arc, a spectrum of changes through life. Here, then I am in a rainbow of my selves.

A Flower & Bee

We must make the effort to save these little friends.

Red, in all its Glory

In fire and life and death red surrounds us. It draws the eye it holds power.

A Weed by any other name…

Milkweed, on the one had the scurge of so many allergy sufferes, on the other, a prime supporter og Monarch Butterflies.

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