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  • Across the Eternal Divide, I See You.

    Every time I find myself, I am not there. Every relationship is a first relationship. That sounds glib, like something one would read on the cover of a supermarket tabloid but there is truth in it. Each journey into a relationship, of any kind, is a time to learn: to learn about one’s self, an […]

  • On Being The Bee. Holding to one’s Truth.

    Making choices and the Patterns of our self-deception. We all live in patterns of our own making. Without patterns, every day would be a chaos of newness with no order, where accomplishing the smallest things would become a bold undertaking. We learn these habits of behavior out of necessity, to not only get things accomplished […]

  • I Step Forward: Living and Dying in the Generations.

    The Grief is Real I have recently been in the hospital for reasons not important to this post. A total of 12 days faced with my own mortality; nearly my 60th birthday, and in a hospital surrounded by the frailty of the human machine. While interned, I learned of the passing of Jeff Beck. I […]

  • A Dream of Being

    Living in The Under As I slept, I dreamt. I had a dream that I was living on the sidewalk, on a corner on a rainy day. People passed unseeing, not noting our being there. As I looked down the walk I could see a tarp, dozens of feet long covering an encampment where we, […]

  • Uploading Photos is a Pleasure & a Chore.

    I spent some time today looking through saved images and organizing them for display. What in my mind was a quick task, became a trip down memory lane. It is not a bad way to spend time. Take a look, here are a portion of the photos.

  • Well Come to Here.

    I have been toying with the idea of having a website and not really sure what I would do with it. So here is day 1. You can see in the links that there is a page listing my books on Amazon. Take a look, maybe something will interest you.I suppose as the days go […]